Entrepreneurs and companies invite me to speak at their events occasionally, and it happens more often than not, they ask me a little too late. If you'd like to have me speak at your event, please allow for enough lead time prior to the event so I can prepare and schedule my time. Shoot me an email to and let me know what your event is about, the audience, and if you have a specific topic in mind. Here is a list with some of my past speaking engagements and some of the subjects I've covered:


  • Building Products that Matter (Dev, Biz, Strategy)
  • The Business of Software, Scale, and Startups (Dev, Biz)
  • Startup Metrics for Winners (Biz, Fin)
  • Invest in yourself. Do it now. (Biz, Fin)


  • Planning a good mobile strategy for any budget (Biz, Prod, Ent)
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development. Strategies for Startups and Enterprises (Biz, IT, Dev)
  • Security Practices in Public Web APIs (Entrepreneurship, Devs)
  • Building the Web-API Revolution. Interoperability in the Internet of Things (Biz, Dev)
  • Applying Lean Startup Practices to Enterprise Teams (Biz, IT, Dev)


  • The Importance of Building a Solid Company Culture (Biz)
  • How to Scale Fast, Without Breaking the Bank. Architecting Apps for the Long Run (Dev)
  • Big Data? What's the Big Deal? (Dev, Biz, IT)
  • NoSql for the SQL Expert (Dev)


  • Talking Performance: The currency of software engineering (Dev)
  • Starting Up Your Big Idea (Biz, IT)


  • Managing Risk in your Career (Biz)