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Xbox 360's Project Natal

Project Natal WFT… That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Microsoft presentation for their new Xbox 360 motion controller. It’s pretty f…[beep] awesome. I don’t currently own an Xbox 360, cause I’ve never been a big gamer, and if I wanted to play a game ever there was plenty of powerful cheaper games that run great in the PC; but I’ve been watching the powerful Xbox 360 for a while as it has incorporated several features as a hi-tech multimedia and communications platform and this new addition is the greatest of all.

The Xbox 360 was born in 2005 and to its predecessor the Xbox after 4 years of intense development.  Microsoft’s console was the first available console of the current generation, taking a full year of advantage over its current competitors and making a massive word wide launch in more than 30 countries. After its launch in May 2005, Sony launched its PS3 in November 2006 followed by Nintendo’s Wii later in the same month.

Project Natal is a motion tracking solution for the Xbox 360 based on 3DV System’s ZCam and it features its own CPU with a RGB camera, a depth sensor and a multi-array microphone. These pieces  of the puzzle allows it to interact directly with body gestures, as well as depth perception, and voice level recognition at an almost-true one to one experience between your 5 senses and the Xbox 360. The device was demonstrated at the 2009 E3 Event, one of the mayor conventions for video games worldwide. No words can describe the wow factor of the Project Natal, that’s why here you have a clip to enjoy :)


After this there is no way I'm not getting a Xbox 360.