At the very fabric of Ninut and the products we build, the Lean Startup mentality is the practice we embrace. Transparent, user-validated experiences that allow us to build only the things you really want, and have very quick turnarounds. Joe has been super active in his blogging lately and I have some catch up to do :P

The team is building, we are in the zone, and the public may have the opportunity to play around in our backyard very very soon.

In the meantime, here is a complementary video to THIS POST on Joe's blog (super funny), continuing with the theme of our experience as entrepreneurs trying to 'put a ding in the universe'.

The video is about a conference Eric Ries gave where he's evangelizing the Lean Startup Movement (#leanstartup) at Stanford University, what it is and why Lean is so AWESOME. Check it out!


Here is a more recent one:


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