Hi there people. I'm not a professional writer (Albert Camus), maybe not event a good one; but throughout this blog I try to make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible. Here, you'll find articles that go from the most technical things about technology and software engineering (that's what I do), to my last trip adventure,  photography tips & tricks or any casual subject I may find interesting to share with you. You are my public, the ones that can make this blog actually come to live. Without you, the readers, none of this is possible; for reading I thank you and invite you to leave your thoughts and comments any time.  All your remarks are always welcome as long as they are based on respect and productive criticism. This is not a place for sorrow, sadness or revulsion; life must be appreciated too much for anybody to be feeling miserable, so smile, remember your best joke and pass it on... or even better share it with the rest of us here in the blog.  I hope you have a lot of fun and share with me your experience as readers so that I can bring to you more delightful articles every time.