My name is Michel, and I'm an entrepreneur at heart, a computer scientist, and startup investor. I enjoy the creative process of making things and building software. Not only apps, but the engines and frameworks they run on. The things I build must have a purpose, and a good one. Before taking on any challenge, I need to buy into a vision or create one of my own and bring people along. The most important rule in my book: a good vision must have a quantifiable results towards the overall betterment of humanity. I have co-founded four tech startups, and led two successful exits. I continue my engagements with early stage companies as an angel investor, technical leader and business advisor. I'm a pragmatic business man, scientist, and big scale thinker. Sometimes, I'm told by people no longer working next to me, a little too pragmatic. I have no time to spare and there is no dull moment in my life. I like to squeeze the orange all the way. Other than that, I'm a naturally fast-talking-coherent-cursing mthrfckr, which means I will not apologize to anyone for speaking to loud, or being a well-educated nuclear-passionate hot-blooded guy.

Areas of interest:

  • Mobile, wearables, HCI, payment systems, and the internet of things.
  • Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, KB Systems, and Data Representation.
  • Software Architecture, Interface Design, Security, Systems Integrations and APIs.